Diana’s First Christmas, 1976

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Thirty years ago this month, this was the scene somewhere in Medina County, Ohio. According to the captions in my baby book:

July 4, 1976 was your first holiday but I am saving this place for Christmas.
[Page Title: “My First Holidays”]

You were 8 months old and you were in awe. On the 27th you got the croop and bronchitis and spent 11 days in the hospital.

Gifts: Raggedy Ann, dress and leotards [tights], two squeeky toys, and a teddy bear (at the hospital).

Santa was played by Butch’s brother Bill.

Mom also wrote about Christmas Eve in the baby diary:

December 24, 1976: Just got back from Gramma Dobbins. Took a picture of your dad and his girl got real mad. Gean got you a Raggedy Ann.

Later – Everyone was fussing over you saying how cute you are. Bonnie got you a little dress and leotards and she got Grannie [Memaw] and Mom a juice set. It was after midnight when you went to sleep so I’m tired. I was going to watch “The Blue Bird,” a Shirley Temple movie, but you have really worn me out.

I love you, good night.

In addition to all this, I’d just like to mention that the plastic Santa suit with the beard made of quilt batting is so trés 70’s. Way to go, Uncle Bill! 🙂

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  1. I was going to say that is a real space age Santa suit. It’s nice that your Mom wrote about all this stuff. At least you have some written history of your life to a certain point. I have to try and remember stuff. It’s now from about my fourth birthday onward–that’s all I can remember.

  2. Same here – I can remember from about age four on. The baby book is kind of cool, but it’s really the baby diary that’s the big peek into what life was like with a little Diana around.

    Once Aaron and I have a kid, I’m afraid this blog will end up being a chronicle of bringing up baby, rather than just my weird, profane outlook on life. Of course, the kid will *be* my life at that point, I suppose.

  3. That 70s Santa is pretty fucking creepy. Too bad you can’t get Santa suits like that anymore. They would come in handy for Flaming Lips concerts.

  4. oh my Go odness, now I am trying to remember if I put anything in that diary that I wouldn’t want the world to know about. Please use descresion(I was single you know lol). Seems so long ago and yet I miss those days sometimes. sure do love you Boogie

  5. >>That 70s Santa is pretty fucking creepy. Too bad you can’t get Santa suits like that anymore. They would come in handy for Flaming Lips concerts.<< Yeah a Santa suit and the Sylvester head:)

  6. Mom: Don’t worry. Most of the stuff I would quote here has to do with me, and most of the stuff you wouldn’t want me to quote here doesn’t really have to do with me. 🙂

    I’m not going to post your memoirs on the internet, don’t worry!