Good Day.

Proof (first draft) of contracting project? Done in three hours’ work. Hopefully my peeps don’t find too much wrong with it; it was my first project, after all, and I’m sure I screwed *something* up. Still, though, I got it done by the imposed deadline, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything drastically wrong.

Got my annual merit raise today. I’m content with what I got. Other people, not so much. I’m trying to be supportive, while still feeling slightly guilty that I’m happy with my own pay increase.

Despite extreme soreness in the quads, I did my beginning kickboxing workout today. Yesterday I did PUSH DVD #2, Session #2, and really focused on my legs, since my knees are not currently giving me crap. (Maybe that glucosamine / chondroitin supplement I’ve been taking really does do something.) Tomorrow, I’m planning to do Yoga For Dummies and get my stretching on.

Started round two of thumbnails for my freelance client. Their favorite wasn’t exactly mine, but I’m rolling with it. I’m conbining my idea with some of their existing marketing materials, and that’s got a few more related ideas working in my brain.

Getting into an evening groove that I’m enjoying. See Aaron off to work, change clothes, feed the cat, check for vitally *important* e-mail (like, from a client), start dinner (if it’ll take a while), work out, eat dinner and watch national news & Good Eats, work on something important, then work on stuff that isn’t so important (like blogging).

I should go shower and go to bed right about now, but I’m interested in checking out the special on Bob Woodruff tonight (ABC news anchor who recovered from a head injury from an IED in Iraq), so I’m gonna go veg in front of the TV for a little while.

I’m feeling pretty good. I feel weird about feeling good. And that’s kind of sad on some level.