Houseplant Geekery

It occurs to me that nearly every single one of my houseplants is in need of repotting.

Every. Single. One.

If you care to indulge my plant geekery, read on for my current houseplant inventory…

Spider Plants:
– 2 large pots with one spider each
– 2 medium pots with two spiders each
– 2 small pots with one spider each
– 3 small vases with at least one hydroponic spider each

“Inch Plants” (generic green and leafy plants from Aaron’s grandmother)
– 1 medium/large hanging pot
– 1 medium hanging pot, dying
– 1 small pot, no longer dying

Philodendrons, 3 medium pots with one plant each

Jade plants, 3 in one medium pot

Aloe plants, 2 in one small pot

African violet, one, healthy (plus two at work)

Christmas cactus, medium, currently in bloom

Rose of Sharon, recently repotted

Tulip bulbs, just done blooming, three in one medium pot

Mixed dormant bulbs, five or six in one extra-large pot; waiting to see if they’re dead or alive

One generic green leafy plant, rooting in a tall vase

One unidentified thick-leaved shade plant from my Grandma Cook

So… if you’re ever in town, and would like a spider plant (or a spider baby from my large plant), you are more than welcome to adopt one. 😉

I repotted the Rose of Sharon last night, and one of the spider plants got upgraded to a much larger pot tonight… but now I’m out of potting soil. Once I replenish, I’m going to continue repotting one plant per evening until everyone’s happy. Or until I run out of pots, whichever comes first. Either way, it’s time for the annual Make Sure My Plants Don’t Die extravaganza. Poor guys.

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  1. I think you need a greenhouse…I know that is something neither Aaron or I can build! Impressive inventory. Want part of my aloe plant?