Goodbye, Saddlemire

Courtesy of the BG News: University says farewell to Saddlemire

This was the building where I bought my books every semester. This was the building where I sold those same books back every semester. This was the building that was supposedly shaped like a slide projector.

Apparently, the Saddlemire Student Services Building is being demolished, in preparation for an addition to the theater department. I’ll grant the theater department that they could use some more space, that’s for sure. An additional 500-seat theater, among other facilities, will definitely be a welcome addition to campus.

Still, though… it’s weird, watching my university change over time. Granted, it’s all for the better, but it’s still unsettling.

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  1. I have always thought that those odd, annoying steps circling that building must make for an awesome amphitheater (the curved doors in front do open and a stage can be set up inside). They’ve had musical events there before, though I’ve never witnessed one. Maybe they’ll keep the steps and build upon such an idea.

    Then again, this is BGSU we’re talking about.