Quick Weekend Recap

Friday night: watched webcast of J. K. Rowling reading the first chapter of Deathly Hallows at midnight British Summer Time (which was 7pm Eastern). Waited a few minutes after that, and couldn’t take the suspense anymore. Downloaded HP7 from a favorite bittorrent website, and read the first 20 chapters before the book was officially released in the U.S.

Saturday: Aikido Basics Seminar from 9am to noon. Lunch at the Garden Cafe with Aaron, then back to the dojo at 3pm for a brief class and kyu testing. I wasn’t testing this time, but it was valuable to watch the testing process, as I should be testing this fall. Hung out at the dojo after class, but didn’t partake in the “pot luck.” (There was some food, but the pot luck was mainly comprised of different kinds of alcohol. Sake, microbrews, champagne…) Got home just after 6pm and spent the evening at home with Aaron. (Deathly Hallows arrived from Amazon with Saturday’s mail, BTW.)

Today: Aaron’s off doing grocery shopping right now. Later this afternoon, we’ll be meeting a co-worker/friend of Aaron’s, and we’ll all be driving up to Detroit for a free festival featuring They Might Be Giants. The one chance I had to see TMBG live, at BGSU, the show was cancelled due to lack of interest (supposedly), so I’m especially looking forward to tonight.

For now, though, I’m going to be reading some more Harry Potter until Aaron gets back from the store.