Deathly Hallows: Done. (No Spoilers)

I’m not quite ready to write a giant spoileriffic review yet. Suffice to say, without mentioning any real plot points, that this book was packed with adventure in places, ungodly slow in others, and most of the loose ends were wrapped up to my satisfaction. I chuckled, I got all misty, I generally got as involved in this book as any other HP book. The epilogue left me wanting, just a little, but still gave me that little morsel of So Now What?

I need some more time to let it sink in (and to let all my friends — including my spouse — finish reading). Overall, I feel that this was more than a sufficient ending to the series. It does feel a little saddening, though — no more Harry Potter books to look forward to.

Later, perhaps, I’ll give things some more thought and write more in-depth. For now, though, I’ll just let everyone finish first.

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  1. …aaaand now my movable type backend won’t load up so i can post a new blog. nice.

    that’s ok — i was really only procrastinating from doing the dishes and putting clothes away, anyway. all i really had to say was that i don’t have much to say. and that i really want to finish blogging about japan before it all falls out of my head. it’s been two months now.

    i get in a funky mood when i get tired. i need to just go do my thing, pack my aikido bag for tomorrow, pack my lunch (aikido day requires proper nutrition), and go to bed. period. end.