Another Weird Dream

I’ve mentioned this before, but I hate having effed-up dreams wherein Aaron and I have weird relationship issues. Even though I know we’re perfectly fine in our marriage, it always makes me wonder if my subconscious is seeing something I’m not.

Last night, dream-Aaron and I got married after having done a courthouse wedding a week or so before. (That was an odd dream sequence in many ways, but not particularly disturbing.) Then we went out and partied, but the bar was playing a song that Aaron associated with bad memories from high school, so we left and went elsewhere. Later on, he left me alone to go hang out with some guy friends and have a bachelor party of sorts. I wandered the streets alone, and found him some time afterward standing in a doorway with a friend or two, smoking a freshly-lit cigarette — which I immediately called him on.

Both before and after the bachelor party, I remember that we had some serious and deep dream-conversations about us. I don’t remember what they were about, specifically, but I awoke disturbed and uneasy.

This couldn’t all stem from the fact that I didn’t do the dishes last night like I told Aaron I would… could it?