Job-Hunting Update

This evening was spent evaluating the state of my job search and determining my next steps. I feel pretty happy about what I accomplished.

I decided that, first and foremost, I needed to update my log of job applications and job solicitations from recruiters. So far, the tally is nineteen total job possibilities. I still need to send in my resume (or apply online) for four of those opportunities. Five jobs on my list were brought to my attention by recruiters or HR reps. (It’s a good thing I updated my Monster resume.)

Next, before I contacted the new folks or followed up with the old, I wanted to finish updating my resume. The LHH workshop was surprisingly helpful, and made me realize that my five-year-old resume was, indeed, horribly out of date, as far as current resume format is concerned. The two-page allowance saved my ass — I was always told to keep your resume to one page, no matter what. So, I’d ended up printing my resume on legal paper, which is not the most accessible of formats for everyone. At any rate, I finished tonight what I’d started last week in the workshop, writing job summaries for my RCC positions and formatting the whole thing in a way that pleases me… as much as a standard, “normal” resume can.

Next on the agenda:

  1. Apply for outstanding jobs on my list
  2. Schedule follow-ups with recruiters and HR reps
  3. Add finishing touches to portfolio, including (but not limited to) videos, shockwave and audio files
  4. Post and/or update info on other job sites
  5. Search for more jobs online

I have something like 21 working days until my job is eliminated — oh, did I mention that my end date got extended a week? My betters were concerned that Huntington might need specific data from the database, or help moving it to their servers, or Buddha knows what else. So, basically, I’ll be sticking around with Scott, Heather, and Ruth Ann, helping to pack boxes and put out fires and check balances and transactions on Sky’s systems. But I’m OK with that — it gives me one more week to job-search, and gives me a nice, even date of October 1st to give potential employers.

Still, though… one month total to get this going on. I’m not worried, but I’m starting to feel the pinch.

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  1. Hey Diana:

    I will be thinking of you and your job search. I am still enjoying your podcasts on a regular basis. I was wondering what was happening to you and got to your blog. Just keep making good causes and you will get good fortune! The universe will open up with something for you. All of the encouraging that you have done will come back to you.


    Bradenton, Florida