I’ve been watching the 2007 DCI Finals on ESPN2 this evening, while recording it on Aaron’s computer with the intent to burn a DVD of it before bed.

I just came downstairs and deleted the file. On purpose. I’m never going to be inclined to watch it again.

The corps’ programs just didn’t grab me this year. I knew that early on, and that’s why I didn’t attend the Toledo show or travel north to any Michigan shows.

I haven’t heard a ballad that brought me to tears in years. It’s been a long time since I left a stadium singing a riff from a show, wondering what song that was. The members still totally throw down; it’s the design teams that are leaving me scratching my head lately.

I don’t think I’m getting old and out of touch, per se… but maybe the activity is moving forward without me. I’ll stick with my ’88 Bluecoats and my ’92 Blue Devils and my ’95 Scouts and Cavies and my ’96 Phantom and be content with the fact that my favorite years in drum corps seem to coincide with my favorite years in popular music, as well.

Just label me as stuck in the ’90s all around, I suppose.

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