Today’s plan: Work until noon. Go home for lunch. Leave at 1:35 for an interview at 2pm. Rock the hell out of the interview. Return home and chill with my sick hubby for the rest of the afternoon.

I’ve done my homework, for the most part. I’ve researched the company, I feel confident with my standard interview answers, and I have some questions of my own to ask. I’m actually fairly excited about the size and stability of the company, as well as their wares.

Still undecided about whether I’ll change into a suit before I go, or just stick with my business casual attire. I’m leaning toward comfort over overheated professionalism right now.

Send positive vibes my way today around 2pm. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update, 7:30pm: Interview went smashingly well, IMO. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a straightforward discussion of Where The Company Is Headed vs. Where My Career Is Headed. The location is a 25-minute drive through not the best part of town (albeit not the worst, either), and the neighborhood is not one where I would feel comfortable taking a lunchtime walk; but the company is small and stable, and I think I would fit in with the other two/three members of the IT department. We’ll see what they think.

BTW? I wore the suit.

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  1. We had interviews the same day! Glad to hear yours went well. What’s this bad part of Toledo anyway? Probably my neighborhood. Good Luck.

  2. What’s this bad part of Toledo anyway? Probably my neighborhood.

    Nah. I just had to drive down Detroit, around Nebraska and Dorr. The immediate neighborhood of the place, while not super scary, is also not Arrowhead Park by any stretch.

    We’ll see what happens.

  3. the scary part is stickney & legrange, no? 😉

    which is fun to sing to “pinky and the brain.”

    congrats!!!!! i didnt read your ETA. so i am teh late. sorry 😀