Guilty Pleasures

I don’t ever look up exactly when it will be broadcast, but sometimes I’ll flip past Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 2… and watch the whole show.

Honestly, it reminds me of drum corps in a way. It’s just that what they do is different from what we did, and even different from what the colorguard in the corps did. But it’s rhythmically-based physical routines in unison, and something about that really catches my attention, no matter what genre it is. Maybe because I know what kind of concentration and memorization and muscle memory that takes, on top of the sheer physical nature of what you’re doing. At least I didn’t have to worry about my figure in order to make it into drum corps.

I think the show is also helping me to break through my jealous stereotypes of skinny chicks: the successful cheerleaders have to not only have flawless bodies and pretty faces, but they are actually judged on intelligence, not to mention their ability to dance and to learn choreography quickly and accurately. The dense and ditzy ones don’t stand a chance.

I remain fixed in my assertion that many skinny hos are dumb blonde fluff chicks. Still, watching these ladies learn choreography and be both athletic and artistic makes me realize that I can’t jump to conclusions.

Plus… even though I’m a girl, I still can appreciate the eye candy. And, really, what girl wouldn’t like to fantasize about herself looking like a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

Don’t lie.

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