RCC Commercial, August 2001

I bought a new toy this weekend: a Mini DV camera. Why Mini DV instead of some other format? For the express purpose of getting the above video out to the masses.

This was filmed and edited by Yours Truly during late July and early August of 2001. This video was to be aired on the closed-circuit campus cable channel during and shortly after move-in weekend, for the purpose of educating the on-campus student body Residence Life Staff about the purpose of Residential Computing Connection (RCC).

When I was done editing and distributing the finished product, I did two things. First, I created an “outtake reel” of all the funnies that happened during filming. Second, I output the final commercial onto the end of the source tape, and snagged said Mini DV tape for my own. I’ve carried that tape around with me for the past six and a half years, waiting to get my hands on a Mini DV camera (or deck).

The first thing I did when I got my new camera home this weekend was hook it up to the HDTV and watch ye olde RCC commercial. I’d forgotten most of the details of the filming, and it was great to see some of my old RCC friends as I remember them. It was also heartwarming to see the late Tim King again, and hear his voice.

I was disappointed to find that I had not, as I had thought, output the outtake reel to tape. Apparently, I only had it on the server, which has (hopefully) long since been replaced and put to pasture. I guess it’s a good thing I still have the source material… 😉

RCC folk, both old and new, are encouraged to comment here or on the Google Video page. I’d love to hear people’s reactions almost seven years later.

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  1. Wow.
    Thanks for posting this.

    I forgot about filming that. I was wondering if I was even a part of it until I saw my blurry shuffle about four mins. in 😉

    It’s weird, I’m not sure if I’m more amazed by how dated everything looks, or that it’s been seven years since then.

    It’s weird to see everyone again. Good, but still a bit odd.

    It’s funny. I was never even that prominent in RCC, but I’m in touch with more people from there than from the English dept.

  2. I was wondering why I wasn’t in this, then I realized I was probably sleeping on the couch on duty while you were filming.

  3. i don’t blame you, tim. that *is* pretty intense.

    and remember, jason isn’t reading off of his computer screen. he’s reading a printed sheet of paper laying on top of his computer screen. o.O

  4. Hi… worked for rcc for a short time around the time that was made! It was really great to see everyone again and those cute little bags we all had to carry around! If you find the gag reel you have to post that!