New Toy

Since I’ve had a little extra money to throw around, I’ve been treating myself here and there to things I’ve been wanting, but haven’t really been able to justify. This time, it was a macro lens for my Nikon D50.

I’d noticed recently that the lens I usually use didn’t work so well with close-up photography. This is unfortunate, as I really enjoy finding small and/or unusual things and photographing them as best I can. Granted, I do think my “old” lens is in need of cleaning (OK, I know it is), which would explain the weird glow in the comparison photos I took tonight:

I can get in so much closer now, and the images seem to be crisper and have more contrast. I can also narrow the depth of field waaaaay down, throwing everything but my subject out of focus. (Which, for those of you who have seen a decent amount of my photography, is my usual MO.)

So, now I can give you the marimokkori photo I really wanted you to see:


Note the pronounced, um, mokkori. Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.


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