Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I’m always so bummed when I forget to wear my seasonal accoutrements on the one day in the year when they’re appropriate. My Mom had this pin back in the ’80s (and probably earlier), and I managed to appropriate it for my own sometime around high school, and not lose it in all this time.

Truth is, I don’t have any solid proof that I’m Irish. Family lore says I am, and the McLaughlin surname that entered into my lineage around 1844 is the most likely source. Other McLaughlins have done more thorough research than I, and have postulated that this McLaughlin line does indeed trace back to Northern Ireland, and that they came to the New World in the 1730s or ’40s.

Hence, since I could be an entire one-hundredth of a percent Irish, being that my 8x-Great Grandfather was most likely Irish, I felt OK not wearing green today to make myself “more Irish.” (Although, since Wikipedia doesn’t mention anything about this aspect of “the wearing of the green,” I’m now more dubious about whether that’s really why people wear green on St. Paddy’s Day.)

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  1. lol I had forgotten all about that pen. I wore antini with shamrocks on the tips today.
    Memaws madin name was Mickler I believe that is Irish. She had red hair and an Irish temper, so don’t sell yourself to short on the Irish haritage.

    ya may be just a wee bit more Irish than ya think:-)