Quick Update

On my to-do list for this evening was posting more about the Japan Trip of 2007, since I’m running out of time to finish up with that before the next vacation. However, the other things on the to-do list took precedence.

I’ve rediscovered the joy of cooking, and spent a good part of this evening preparing food for the upcoming week. I cooked two cups of rice and portioned it out into six servings of one-third cup each. I made the Pureed Broccoli Soup recipe I read in this month’s Women’s Health magazine. Add to that the two single-cup servings of Three Amigos Chili I have stashed in the fridge from this weekend, and I’m loaded for bear.

Also on the agenda: a cardio workout with PUSH (quickly aborted ten minutes in, when the yoga-cardio chick started doing a V-step and some sort of jazz hands) and processing / uploading audio files from my Zen teacher‘s most recent retreat with his Zen teacher.

In the foreseeable future: Tomorrow is my second-ever Weight Watchers weigh-in and meeting. I have four more days of work before I get two weeks off. And I have only nine days to wait until I can see the sunny shores of Oahu!

I’ll try to post some more substantive entries within the coming week. We’ll see…