Unusually Stylish

thank-you cards

I tend to read Dooce‘s Daily Style section and just be amazed at all the kitschy, swanky, stylish stuff she can find. So, when I was in Barnes & Noble recently and found this in the clearance bin, I couldn’t pass it up.

While I’m not usually one to glom onto delicate cuteness in baby blue, and I don’t often have occasion to send Thank You cards, I thought these cards by Pepperpot were classy and well-designed, and I appreciated the small-press personal touch with the tie and tag around the cards.

The kicker? The keepsake box. Not only is it fairly strong and sturdy, but the lid has magnets to snap the lid shut. MAGNETS. In the LID. That appeals to my packrat nature in so many ways.

Now I wish I could find more. Alas, an Amazon search doesn’t turn up much that isn’t baby books.