Betsy Hamlen Bura, 1923-2008

Grammie and Poppa, Easter 2007

Aaron got the news this morning that his grandmother had passed away. I don’t feel I got to know her half as well as I would have liked, despite all the trivia and stories I knew about her.

The first time I came to a family gathering with Aaron, long before we were even engaged, Grammie had made her Zucchini Chocolate Cake. I raved over it so much that she wrote out the recipe on one of her own recipe cards and gave it to me. I remember being very touched that she would share a recipe with me upon first meeting. Like family.

Years went by, and she never made the Zucchini Chocolate Cake again. I didn’t even get around to making it myself until last Christmas. It turned out fantastic, and everyone remembered how much they’d loved it. Grammie had some, too, and seemed to like it, but I’m pretty sure her Alzheimer’s kept her from remembering where I’d gotten the recipe those ten years ago.

We’ll all miss her.