Playing For Keeps

Today is the official release date of Mur Lafferty‘s novel, Playing For Keeps. My husband, Aaron, was a big fan of the podiobook version, so I gladly purchased the print version today (published by Swarm Press).

Mur held a contest, asking all her fans to record a video clip for a portion of the book’s theme song by Beatnik Turtle. Alas, I forgot that Mur is a Mac girl, and sent my submission in WMV format, so my clip didn’t get included in the final cut:

I’d like to imagine that my submission would end up as an extra on the (fictitious) Playing For Keeps promotional DVD:The Pop-Up Video version of my clip might include trivia such as:

  • Diana recorded this in the evening in her basement, with ambient light. This is why the video is so dark.
  • Diana moved the Rock Band drums into the basement specifically to record in front of her husband’s video game collection.
  • Note that Diana is not actually playing the offbeats during the first half of the clip, but corrects herself after her “cymbal” crash. She did not notice this error until after the video was complete and submitted.
  • Diana had considered tying a blanket cape around her neck to tie in with the superhero theme of the book. It’s probably best that she didn’t, as she had to do four takes, running over to her computer to restart the song each time.
  • Watch closely, and you’ll see the drumstick fly out of Diana’s right hand at the very end of the clip.

As it is, I’m fine with the fact that my video didn’t make it into the final cut. It was fun, anyway, and I’m still looking forward to reading Playing For Keeps when it arrives.

Hey… maybe you should order one, too.