links for 2008-11-11

  • "Dr. Cheryl K. Olson, co-director of the Center for Mental Health and the Media at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, isn’t convinced.

    “‘It’s not the violence per se that’s the problem, it’s the context and goals of the violence,’ said Olson, citing past research on TV violence and behavior. There are definitely games kids shouldn’t be playing, she said, for example those where hunting down and killing people is the goal. But she argues that the label ‘violent video games’ is too vague. Researchers need to do a better job at defining what is considered a violent video game and what constitutes aggressive behavior, she added."

  • "The president-elect already has said he’ll have a five-day online comment period before signing any non-emergency legislation, so Americans can be part of the process. He’s also planning to appoint a chief technology officer and has pledged to get true broadband to every community in the country."

    Barack Obama will be a President for the 21st Century.