Attentive Kitty

Mei at the window

Mei always gets so excited when the windows are opened for the first time in Spring. It’s like her Cat TV turns into Cat HDTV.

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  1. Mei is so pretty. She reminds me of my childhood cat Will’o. I developed a severe allergy to cats when I left for college, otherwise we’d be cat parents, too!

  2. wow look at the detail in that shot, you can see the screen in detail, Mei’s wiskers, eyes,even the reflection in her eyes. What camera did you use?

    Love it!!!Great Shot!!

  3. Used my Nikon D50 DSLR with my new 18-200mm Sigma zoom lens. 1/20 of a second at f/6.3, for the shutterbugs in the crowd. Did minimal tweaking in Photoshop for exposure and sharpness.