Tired of Being Tired

Synopsis: Diana complains about the effects of her menstrual cycle of late, including the usual mood swings, but also unusual fatigue and cramping. Most people won’t need to read on, unless you want to commiserate or offer suggestions.

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My boss probably thinks I’m a slacker or a wimp when it comes to sick days.

My “monthly visitor” never used to be this ruthless. At least, this month, I didn’t have incapacitating cramps; this time, it was amazing fatigue. I was pretty worn down all weekend, with some stints of normality thrown in. My second wind hit a little late on Sunday, and I didn’t get to bed quite as early as I should have; still, though, seven hours of sleep should have been quite sufficient to get me up and around.

But when the alarm went off Monday morning, I just. couldn’t. do it. I gave it ye olde college try, but ended up stumbling downstairs and emailing my boss from my iPhone that I’d be taking a sick day today.

I then proceeded to sleep for a grand total of TWELVE HOURS. Well, 11½, but still. And I could easily have kept sleeping.

I at least managed to get one thing done today: some cleaning that mainly just involved me sitting on the floor by a pile of crap and putting the crap where it’s supposed to go.

I get so frustrated with myself when I waste a day from being tired. But I’m not exactly the best at self-motivation — yes, I know that exercise would get me up and moving, but something needs to get me up and exercising. Factor in my weird mood swings and (self-diagnosed) depression and how I think too much when I’m tired, and it just gets worse and worse.

Every month I tell myself that I’m NOT going to use that sick day that just tacked itself back onto my allowance. And every damn month, I use it during the first few days of my cycle, either for extreme fatigue or curl-up-in-bed-and-die cramps. This is getting seriously irritating.

Am I missing something besides sleep? Iron, maybe? Hell if I know. I just want this to stop.

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  1. Not that I’m an expert, but I did used to live with someone who had a brutal monthly visitor. You might want to consider visiting your GYN and consulting with her.
    She may have suggestions about what you can do. Some women take any variety of “the pill” to help with either irregular periods, or in your case the all inclusive
    one from hell. Just a suggestion.

  2. I agree…a brutal monthly visitor like that, especially if it seems to have changed suddenly warrants a visit to the GYN for advice/treatment. You might also want to try an essential oil called DragonTime, or Evening Primrose Oil caps.

  3. I know we all hate going to the Dr. but I agree.
    It may even be a blood problem that just shows more at that “special” time of the month.
    Primrose oil is a good idea too. It wouldn’t hert to ask at your local Herb store what they think.

  4. Sounds like we have a consensus. 🙂 Okay, I’ll make an appointment this month. I’m way overdue for my annual visit, anyway — think about two years overdue…

  5. I will give you the names of the herbs in Latin:
    -alchemilla vulgaris(regulates the bleeding)
    -capsella bursa-pastoris(this is also good 7 days before the period-it helps the muscle of the uterus be more vigourous to eliminate )
    -salvia officianalis
    The combination of them in equal parts helps me a lot.

    And achillea milefolium is generally good for that part in our body in colds , etc.