Using Jet Lag To My Advantage

I was actually on time to work this morning, having returned from a two-week vacation and a long weekend. Well, as on-time as I get, anyway: 8:05am or so.

I’d awakened well before my alarm, at 6:40am, thanks to insane jet lag messing with my daily rhythms. It was kind of nice, actually, being a bit of a morning-ish person, if just for a while. I had a nice slow and relaxed morning.

Now, this evening, I’ve been chilling on the couch, not doing any of the to-do list I’d made for myself (and quite enjoying the low-key evening, too). I’ve been dozing in and out, doing what I said I wasn’t going to do: staying up later than my body wants to. I should really use our VCR instead of staying up “late” to watch my current favorite show.

I hope I haven’t sabotaged my newfound morningness by staying up to watch my TV show. We’ll see tomorrow, I suppose.