Getting Back on Track

The week after we got back from vacation, I was totally exhausted by 9:30pm every night, and waking up on my own around 6:40am. After one “normal” weekend of sleeping in until 10am, my jet lag was “cured.”


With such an obvious benefit in waking up earlier, I’m forced to act like a grown-up and set rules for myself. I’m going to have my computer off by 9pm every night, because it’s too easy for me to stay up waaaay too late surfing teh internets. Instead, I’m going to head to the living room and chill out in my yukata (Japanese robe) with a book and a cup of tea. And we’ll see how this works.

It’s said that sleep is a big part in weight loss, too. Maybe, in addition to just being happier and feeling more awake, I’ll boost my weight loss up another notch. Anything’s possible…