Final Night in Chicago

Yesterday was a laid-back day, after a packed Saturday. The morning involved us forgetting that it was Sunday freaking morning, so nothing was open for breakfast. We ended up back in Chinatown, where we enjoyed a twist on our traditional dim sum Sunday brunch, then wandered around some local shops.

A good part of our afternoon was spent relaxing and people-watching in various locations, including Hancock Tower and Navy Pier. We did pay the $15 each to go up the Tower, and another $30 each to take the Architectural Boat Tour, both of which were totally worth the time and money.

Dinner was at an Asian fusion joint near our hotel; the food was good, but my dining experience was marred by our close dining neighbors and the one song that played on repeat the ENTIRE TIME.

After dinner, we took a stroll up and down S. Michigan Avenue, had a drink at Kitty O’Shea’s, and called it a night.

Today, the plan is to check out, head NW to Mitsuwa Marketplace for lunch and Japanese shopping, then head back home to our lives of boring normalcy once more. Laundry and shopping!