No Lack Of Topics

Just a lack of oomph.

I have tons and tons of ideas for blog posts; unfortunately, most of them actually require thought and composition and at least a quick edit before being sent off into the world. When I come home from work in the evening, I don’t generally have that kind of oomph. I have enough oomph to see Aaron off to work, feed the cat, feed myself, and do some singular task. I have to choose wisely what that task is, though: I can clean house, or blog, or play a video game, but I can’t do all three. It’s a challenge fitting exercise into that narrow window of energy, too, but I’ve been trying.

So, it’s all about priorities and consequences. Turn on the TV, watch the news, and then get sucked into playing Xbox 360; or focus on my meal (and likely eat less because of it), turn on some music, and do what needs to get done.

And have the computer off by 10pm.

I wish I didn’t have to use my most productive waking hours working for The Man.