Sending Smoke Signals

This new age of technology is something else. My husband and I just got iPhones a little over a year ago, and these tools have really changed how we interact with our friends and acquaintances. If Aaron’s at the store, I can text him and ask if he put milk on the list. I can play Words With Friends (basically, Scrabble) with my best friend, two and a half hours away. I can check Facebook from my couch at home or my desk at work (always during breaks, of course).

Later this afternoon, we’re meeting friends for lunch. They made an impromptu trip up from Columbus, and we arranged today’s rendezvous last night via Twitter and phone.

Ain’t technology grand?

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  1. I’ll be impressed when I can beam over to my friends’ houses and hang face to face, rather than drive a bajillion(ish) miles to arrive tired.