T-minus 20 Days and Counting

YouTube user alexkelowna1963 has uploaded several videos of the Royal Playa del Carmen, including this one of the resort’s beach. They’re only serving to make me even more excited about our trip.

We’re really not beach people. I swear. We spent one afternoon sunning and swimming at Waikiki back in 2008 before we got bored of it. Granted, this was after we’d already experienced things like parasailing and snorkeling, and had walked up and down the beach both by day and by night.

As for this trip, we have one tour already booked — on my birthday, no less — and are planning to do some other excursions on the fly: snorkeling, maybe parasailing, and definitely exploring Playa. And exploring the menu options at the Royal — it’s all-inclusive, after all.

As for now, though, we’re focusing on the little things. Making sure our shorts still fit, and buying new ones if necessary. Procuring swimsuits. Making sure the sunscreen we bought for Hawaii is still good. For me, getting a haircut (and getting my nails done). Finding cute sundresses at the thrift. Getting new glasses (and prescription sunglasses). Checking to see if any exit-row seats have opened up on our flight. Refreshing our rudimentary knowledge of Spanish.

The build-up is half the fun of vacation! So, while I might seem like I’m wishing the days away, it’s really kind of like Christmas — the waiting is what makes it exciting.