Vacation Slideshow

Finally! All the vacation photos are processed and posted!

Yes, I know they were all digital. And, yes, they still needed “processing.” Deciding which ones to post. Tweaking the color and contrast until the images are just like the ones in my memory. Cloning out pimples and other indignities. Stuff like that.

If you watch the whole slideshow from start to end (199 photos and two very short videos), it should take about a half hour of your time. We did take about a half hour of video on our MiniDV camcorder, so I’ll probably be editing that down and posting it to YouTube later, too.

FYI, you’ll need to either watch our vacation media online or contact us for a private screening at the Schnuth abode, because we’re not planning to host a Post-Vacation Mexican Fiesta this year. We’ll be happy to join individuals and couples for dinner, possibly drinks, and a screening of our vacation video (once it’s finished), though. In fact, we encourage that.