Haven’t been blogging much lately; can’t seem to find any oomph after I get home from work. So, here I am, enjoying a skinny skinny mocha mocha in a local coffee franchise, tapping out an update on my iPhone.

Come to think of it, I haven’t really had the oomph for much of anything lately. I wasn’t too upset yesterday evening when the car wouldn’t start, because I wasn’t really into picking up my film and scanning it to post for Photo Thursday, anyway. I haven’t gone running for weeks because I’ve had it with the frigid temps, but I haven’t been working out indoors, either. Seems like all I want to do after work is make dinner and curl up in the recliner to watch PBS or Travel Channel or Food Network. I don’t even turn on my computer anymore; if I can’t do it on my iPhone, it’s too much work, anyway.

I’m really hoping that the upcoming above-freezing temps will help break me out of this funk. I know that the Valentine’s Day flowers Aaron sent to my work today added a glimmer of unsuck, for sure. Perhaps some Valentine’s Weekend sushi (I made reservations! I’m so grown-up!) will continue the trend…

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  1. spring is on the way just keep thinking vacation and get fit for it. then if you get toooo tierd of the cold it is in the 70s this week in Ft Worth.(*_*) just kidding I koow now is not the time to visit. but worm weather is on the way.

  2. @Bouffa – I rocked the mini-trampoline one evening, and found that even that really helped. Since the weather’s getting above freezing this week (it’s a freakin’ heat wave!), and the sun is setting later, I’m going to try to get out and run during the evenings this week, and see how that goes.

    @Mom – 70s? Grr. Still, I’m happy with upper 30s and 40s here, after teens for so long. I have my bikini hung up on a hanger in my bedroom to remind me that I only have 80-some-odd days to shape up for Aruba. 😀