So, yesterday morning, I was filling up the car with windshield washer fluid before work, and I somehow tweaked my back in the process. Guess I’m just getting old, but I leaned forward a smidge farther than I needed to as I dropped the hood closed, and there went my back.

Aaron’s been bugging me to go visit his chiropractor for months now, just because, but this really sealed the deal for me. Called up and made an appointment for the next day — smack in the middle of the morning. Decided I’d be taking the whole morning off of work, rather than leaving at such an odd time and likely working through lunch.

I got to sleep in this morning, which was awesome, and take my time in the bathroom. (Usually I’m rushing myself out the door makeupless and with wet hair.) Showed up at the chiropractor’s office with plenty of time to fill out the oodles of paperwork.

LOVED my adjustment. Aaron’s been going to Dr. Smith for years now, and the staff was glad to get to meet Aaron’s “better half.” I can totally see why he’s been going there for so long: the adjustment was quick and relatively gentle, and the massage afterward was so relaxing. I was in and out in 30 minutes (45 including paperwork).

Enjoyed a straight shot up surface streets to downtown, to work — but got here with SO much time to spare. I mean, if I’m taking a half day off of work, I’m not planning to be in my seat working until 12:45pm. So, right now, I’m enjoying a coffee and a cookie and free wi-fi, and I’ll be heading down to Subway shortly for lunch.

It’s a beautiful, sunny Friday in Toledo. Still cool out, but nicer than it has been. Maybe it seems that much nicer because I feel better physically, and I have the morning off.

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