31 Weeks Down, 9 To Go: The Crib

Diana at 31 WeeksAaron had asked his dad to drive his SUV out to our place this past Saturday to help us with buying a crib for Junior — or, rather, to help us get it home, since we wouldn’t be able to fit the box into the trunk of our trusty-but-not-made-for-haulin’ Kia. So, Dad showed up around 2pm, as planned, and (after some pleasantries and catching-up) we headed out to Burlington Coat Factory (home of Baby Depot), just down the road from our house.

The place looked surprisingly un-busy when we got there; the parking lot was just about empty. Sure enough, when we drove a little closer, we could see a handwritten sign taped to the front doors: “Closed due to power outage.” Either they’d been affected by the recent summer thunderstorms, or the massive heat, or both.

Luckily, we did have a Plan B: Wally World had a similar model for a similar price. So, we headed a few miles west to Walmart and picked up the Graco Stanton crib (instead of the Graco Lauren crib). It fit in the back of the SUV with no problems (well, Aaron was a little cramped in the back seat with one of the seats folded down), and we got it home much easier than we would have with only the Kia and some rope.

Aaron assembled it all by himself today, while I was at work. Sounds like it was kind of a pain in the ass — OK, more than “kind of,” but he managed it quite well on his own and didn’t add any new scratches or dents above and beyond the ones that were already there.

We still need a dresser (we’re working Craigslist for that right now), but with the crib put together, it’s starting to look and feel more like our son’s room than a minty-sage-green storage room.

The cat’s not happy about having her litter box evicted from the room, but that’s another story…