Dear Connor: Month One

Dear Connor,

One month ago yesterday, you turned your Daddy’s and my lives upside-down with your early arrival. We hadn’t even installed the car seat yet when you decided it was time to make your appearance. If you’d waited until the doctor had guessed your arrival date would be, you’d only be one week old instead of one month!

You’re Mommy’s little squigglebug, always flailing your long arms all over the place. For the first couple of weeks of your life, you kept your long legs folded up indian-style, but now you stretch them out regularly. This helps you squirm out of Mommy and Daddy’s bedtime swaddles during the night, and we frequently find you in your crib either with your arms freed or with you having gotten completely unswaddled.

You eat every two or three hours, day and night. This is the biggest change for Mommy and Daddy right now, because we’re used to getting a lot more sleep than all that. But little Connor needs to eat, and Mommy decided to breastfeed, so Daddy helps by changing your diaper and burping you (and swaddling you at night) whenever he’s home for a feeding.

Mommy and Daddy used to go out to eat a lot, but you’ve changed all that. Last weekend, though, we took you out to an Indian restaurant on Saturday and to our favorite Chinese dim sum restaurant on Sunday, and you slept through the whole thing (which was what we had hoped). You even slept through our after-lunch Starbucks trips!

I could write so much more about this crazy first month with you in our lives, but you’re starting to get fussy and squirmy and sleepy here in your Moby Wrap.

I love you, little guy, no matter how frustrated I might get with your frequent feedings and fussy fighting-off of sleep. You’re way too cute for me to stay mad at for long.

Tummy Time

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  1. That’s awesome! It will be so cool for Connor to be able to look back at letters like this one! It may be hit and miss at certain ages, ha ha, but adult Connor will definitely love it.