Dear Connor: Month 28

You talk so much lately, and you say the funniest things.

We were playing in the snow one evening after school, and you found your mini-pancake from that morning — you’d dropped it on the ground, so Mommy threw it into the yard for the birds. The birds hadn’t eaten it yet, though, so you started pelting it with snowballs and saying, “I got you, little pancake!”

One morning, we were coming down the stairs for breakfast, and you saw Kitty Mei run across the foyer and into the dining room. You said, “What’s Mei doing?”

The purple afghan was laying on the living room floor, and you looked at it and said, “Rainbow!” Sure enough, it was arched kind of like a rainbow. You notice the littlest things, which is really kind of neat.

You’ve also started saying, “No, thanks,” instead of pushing things away or just yelling no. It’s a welcome change of pace, and goes well with your penchant for announcing, “‘cuuuze me!” when you burp or fart.

Basically, you seem to be improving your vocabulary and pronunciation every day, and it’s pretty amazing to witness. Add in your colors, numbers, letters, and shapes, and it’s simply fascinating to see how much your little brain can soak up.

Tallest Tower in the World!

Back in July, when you learned to climb out of your crib, Mommy and Daddy converted your crib to a toddler bed and tried to get you to sleep in it.

It didn’t work out so well.

After that fateful night, we put the crib back together, but put the crib mattress on the floor, where it’s been ever since. Now that you’re two, though, we think it’s about time to transition you to a big boy bed — before you decide it’s time to get potty-trained and we have to do two big transitions at once.

We’re planning to rearrange your room this coming weekend — take the antique rocking chair out of your room and replace it with a big, sturdy chair; put all the stuff in the tall, rickety dresser in your Grandpa’s old dresser and put the tall dresser in the attic; bring your small bookcase out of the closet and put it where the tall dresser is now; and buy some locks to keep you from opening the closet doors when we’re not around.

After a couple weeks of that, we’ll make the big transition to the toddler bed — kind of like in your Elmo book, Big Enough for a Bed. We’ll buy you some new sheets, and make your bed up just like Mommy and Daddy’s big bed, with blankets and everything all tucked in.

Of course, we have all this planned out. Who knows how it will actually go?

Especially considering the return of the Nap Strike.

Lately, Daddy will put you down for some Quiet Time, and you’ll play quietly for at least an hour. Then you’ll start throwing all your “friends” out of the crib, and your few board books, and see how high or far you can fling them. We’re really hoping that this trend stops soon, so you might actually take a nap in your toddler bed instead of running around willy-nilly and throwing things over the gate and out of your room.

(Nap strike has been happening at school, too, but it’s resulted in you asking for bathtime during dinner for the past few days, and you voluntarily going to bed an hour early.)

Coloring Board

There’s a few habits you’ve developed that Mommy and Daddy are trying to figure out how to reverse, the most urgent of which is your tendency to throw things. You throw things when you’re angry. You throw things when you’re having fun. Basically, you’ll throw whatever’s in your hand whenever you get the urge. You throw your blocks and toys regularly, and Mommy has started taking away the toys that you throw (but you just find something else to play with / throw). You threw your fork at dinner one night and managed to break Daddy’s favorite big Schlitz glass. You throw food — Mommy and Daddy have started taking your food away as soon as you start to throw it, in hopes that you’ll get the hint that we do not throw food while we’re eating. You seem to be getting the idea, but we still have a ways to go.

Presents from Missy

Of course, we can’t talk about the past month without mentioning Christmas. Mommy has already written a whole big long post with pictures, but the short version is that we stayed home instead of driving out to Cleveland. Uncle Matt and Grammy came to spend the day, we had Christmas Dinner here at our house, and you had a blast opening presents.

Other things that happened this month… We had a lunch date with Harper and her parents during a snowstorm, and we introduced you to the joys of bubble baths — which of course you love!

First Bubble Bath

You’re becoming more of an independent little boy every day. It’s fun to watch.

Veggie Straws on a Saturday Morning

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  1. Luckily Sam was never into throwing. But I kinda forget his interesting habits he had back then now. There was the sleep strike one weekend. I remember walking thru Meijer at 4am. The beer glass, oh no. Aaron has had that one forever!

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