Project Mulch-the-Front-Fence Complete!

More details are forthcoming later, but I finally tamed the weedy, grassed-over nuisance that was my front fence flowerbed! (The street-facing side, anyway. The side facing the house needs the same treatment sometime in the near future.)

I had expected it would only take one morning; instead, it took two mornings plus two naptimes to prep (pulling weeds and grass and digging up vines — and replanting things I accidentally disturbed) and one hour to actually mulch (with Aaron’s assistance).

Before, as seen from the north end of the fence:

Front Fence: Before

And after, as seen from the south end:

Front Fence: After

I took copious photos and documented what I did each day in my Hobonichi Techo, but the short version is that I feel like I’m a lot more familiar with all the plantings now. I took out some things that I didn’t want or need, like trumpet creeper vine and something else that I have mislabeled on my flowerbed diagram as yarrow. I divided some bulbs and rhizomes I accidentally dug up (daffodils and probably irises), and I rearranged some plants into more optimal places (sedum and yarrow). Because nothing is in bloom right now, I bought two planters of annuals and placed them in a couple of bare spots along the fence to add some color.

I also dug up some Rose of Sharon volunteers and potted them, but two out of the three are undergoing major transplant shock, so they might not make it. I’ll wait to dig up the ones on the south end of the fence until fall, when they’re going dormant (like I should have for the others).

So, no more embarrassingly overgrown plantings along our highly-traveled stretch of road. Yay!

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