Operation Braceface, Day 610

My most recent ortho appointment was on July 17th. The most notable thing: she filed my teeth!

braces, july 2014

Dr. M. saw me again — she’s signed on with the practice permanently, as has another doctor (not the male orthodontist I saw a couple adjustments back, who wanted to do bonding as soon as he saw my teeth).

She saw the same bell shape to my incisors, but her solution was to “slenderize” them —  to do interproximal reduction by basically filing the outsides of my front teeth. She said she’ll be doing that for my next couple of adjustments, so the teeth will fit tighter together and I’ll have less of the “black triangles” at the gumline.

braces, bottom teeth, july 2014

The other notable bits about the adjustment were an increase in my upper wire — back to a 16 x 16 square wire — plus chains on top and Class II elastics again.

Seems to me that a lot of the rest of the treatment is going to be detail work — slenderizing my incisors, maybe adjusting my midline, and hopefully getting the back molars into the game. I now have some small but annoying gaps right behind the last tied-in molars, where food likes to get stuck.

I’m pretty happy with how my treatment is going. —Who am I kidding? I’m fucking elated that my teeth are pretty much normal now. If I had to get the braces removed tomorrow, I’d be OK with what they look like now, as compared to what they looked like at the beginning:

Day 15: I'm thankful...

Damn, dude.

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