To-Do Bankruptcy

A lot of times, there will be one or two tasks on my Teux Deux app that keep rolling over to the next day, and the next, and I just keep ignoring them. But I also know they need to be done, so I avoid putting anything in front of them, priority-wise.

It’s a little surprising how declaring to-do bankruptcy, dumping that last task onto the “someday” list instead of letting it keep rolling to the next day unfinished, can boost my productivity. Just by moving one last task out of the way, I was suddenly OK with making a real to-do list for the evening, with tasks that I’m fine with allowing to roll over to subsequent days (as long as they get done this week). I got half a dozen small tasks done, just by putting them on the list and moving the last hanger-on off the list till later.

What was this horrible task that kept me so shackled? Nothing bad; I just didn’t ever really feel like sewing up the hole in the pocket of my winter coat.

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