Operation Braceface: Day 956

One and a half months past the initial treatment estimate of two and a half years.

Braces, Day 956

Today, as scheduled, I moved up to a Ni-Ti 16-22 rectangular archwire with chains across my front four teeth (two-to-two) on top and bottom. I’m still supposed to wear my triangle elastics (so I suppose I should do that more regularly).

The reason for the chains in front is the epic gap that opened up between my bottom two front teeth after my molars got tied in.

This particular visit took F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I sat in the waiting room for a half hour, then spent almost another hour total in the exam room. The tech who was replacing my wires and o-rings (and chains) is relatively new, and takes her time with each one. She also had some trouble with the bottom chain and the twisty wire that keeps my teeth from adjusting the wrong way — that took a Very Long Time to get right, and she apologized several times (but didn’t ask another tech for assistance).

Next time, we’ll be moving to 18-25 Ni-Ti wires and six-to-six chains. I really hope we’re almost done. I’d like to have these things off by the time I’m 40.

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