Grammy’s Visit, June 2015

By appropriating code from Ye Olde Days of Flickr Slideshows — code which will undoubtedly be deprecated in the future — I bring you a slideshow of my favorite photos from my Mom’s visit a couple weeks back.

On Friday morning, we visited the zoo; on Saturday morning, the Butterfly House; and on Saturday afternoon, the Toledo Botanical Gardens. I didn’t bring my Nikon — I only had my Olympus XA and my iPhone 6. I also brought Connor’s Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Camera to the Zoo with us. (Mom had her Canon, of course, except during our impromptu trip to the Botanical Garden.)

We had a great time, and you can bet that some of these photos will make an appearance as photo posts of their own later on. A couple of the snaps of Connor really made me smile.

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