Diana Mini Test Roll #2

Before this past April, the only time I’d used the Diana Mini that my husband gifted me was immediately afterward, when I took it to the family Christmas gathering and took some square photos. Those were mostly indoors, long exposures steadied against a table, and they came out well enough for a toy camera.

I decided to run another roll through the Diana Mini this past April, to try out some different conditions and to use the half-frame feature, since I took square photos last time.

World Tai Chi Day 2015

[Taken 25 April 2015 | f/cloudy | ISO 400]

General impressions: It’s a plastic novelty camera. To expect anything more of it is unreasonable. It’s super cute, hides in a pocket, and is the perfect size for my four-year-old to play with (sans film). It doesn’t have a very sharp focus even in the best of situations, and creates some fascinating lens flare effects in the right (or wrong) light. 

At the Kitchen Table

Taken at the kitchen table in the evening, I think. Horribly underexposed, but I love what came out, anyway. The underexposure reminds me of old photos of me as a little kid with my Mom’s Instamatic.

We played at the park on a cloudy day, so I set the camera to f/cloudy and left it there. I attempted to focus and frame appropriately, but the parallax error is evident, and the “dreamy focus” is more of a nightmare. (OK, it’s not that bad, but I couldn’t let that play on words go to waste.)

Wildwood Metropark

Wildwood Metropark

Wildwood Metropark

Wildwood Metropark

Wildwood Metropark

Do I still like it? Sure, in the right situation. Will I use it very often? Probably not, but it’s super cute on my camera shelf in its little blue box — and my son really does like to play with it. Maybe one of these days I’ll load it up with film for him — it probably takes as good of pictures as his Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera.

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