Operation Braceface: Day 1023

Officially sick of the braces.

Braces Day 1023

Last week’s adjustment was quick and painless — just switching out the chains on the bottom, and instructing me to wear medium triangle elastics again.

But, surprise of surprises (note sarcasm), Dr. M. exclaimed, “Why aren’t these gaps closing? Did they close at all?” I assured her that, yes, my teeth had definitely moved. (The sharp archwire that had been poking me in the cheek was evidence of that, as was my sore mouth after the last adjustment.)

She said that next time, in addition to them checking my bite, I’ll get a 2-to-2 chain under the archwire, and a 6-to-6 over the wire (which is where I’ve been chained exclusively up until now). Apparently, putting chains under the wire is supposed to have a more pronounced effect on moving the teeth.

So, that next adjustment is going to hurt like a bitch.

I’m fine with that, though, if it means that we’ll start to get things wrapping up already. Tying in my molars so near the end really threw everything for a loop.

Still worth it, though. Definitely worth it.

But I’m ready for it to be done.

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