Operation Braceface: Three Years (Less Three Days)

My most recent adjustment was three weeks ago today. (I’m a little behind.)

No chains on the top teeth this time, but I moved up one wire size to 18-25 (I think — or was it 18-26?). Maintaining double chains on the bottom teeth — two-to-two under the wire, six-to-six over the wire. We also switched up elastics to medium-strength Class II triangles.

My teeth have definitely moved since these photos were taken. The gap on the bottom has closed up considerably, and something has moved around up top, too, since I can feel wires poking out just a smidge in the back now.

Dr. S. (my new ortho guy) told me that one way or another, we’ll be done in six months. I’ve been living with this bite my whole life, he said, and if it’s not perfect, that’s OK. I appreciate the sentiment… but, technically speaking, it’s not this particular bite I’ve been living with. This is new. I paid a lot for this treatment, and it’s going to be right or I’m not stopping treatment, no matter how long it takes.

I do appreciate a timeline, though. My previous orthodontist didn’t want to give me any idea of how long it would be.

Next time, we’ll be putting some torque on my upper incisors. Apparently they’re still angled out a little farther than necessary, making them look extra big as compared to my other teeth. Fixing that should also fix my bite, which is good.

Things are looking up.

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