Carrots and Other Homegrown Veggies

Connor told me some time ago that he wants to grow carrots in our little vegetable garden this year. A few weeks back, I started the gardener’s winter task/pastime of browsing seed catalogs for next season, and I picked out which company I would buy my carrot seeds from.

I kind of fizzled out after that.

I still need to buy seeds for some decent sandwich tomatoes (not too big, nice and round), sunflowers, skinny eggplant, some more herbs (thyme comes to mind), and a few others. I just haven’t pushed that to the top of my priority list quite yet. I have time… for now.

In another month or so, the first beginnings of seed starting will commence, complete with my datanerd spreadsheet of when to start which seeds. ┬áCome spring, I’ll be ripping up some sod to expand the garden and buying some compost to enrich the soil.

I’m being extra careful not to bite off more veggies than I can chew this year, while still growing enough to make it worth my while. All that careful starting indoors, planting out, protecting from frost, then watering and weeding last year for only a smattering of tomatoes and eggplant and basil? Disappointing.

This year will be a heartier harvest. I hope.

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