Flashback: My Bedroom

I’m not sure why I took this photo. I think it was mainly because of the cats on my desk. At any rate, I kind of enjoyed seeing this snapshot in time: Autumn, 1995.

During the summer before I went off to college, Mom and I moved out of the craptastic Walden Apartments in Medina to a nicer neighborhood on Jackson Street. We were on the third floor of a small apartment building—about eight units total, I think.

I didn’t get to spend much time there before I went off to college—or did we not move there until I was *in* college? I think that was it. At any rate, I spent one year in college before I got put on Academic Suspension and had to spend a semester at home. No internet, no computer, and Mom’s new boyfriend Gary was suddenly in the mix. This photo was taken during that time.

Topless Drumcorps

As requested… I have delved into the drumcorps archives and dredged up the smuttiest and sleaziest drumcorps photos of the late 90’s! (And don’t forget… you asked for it!)

Here they are, in no particular order:

Here’s a teaser: just a little midriff.

Mmm, some more midriff. Check out that hot… um, chick. Yeah.

Chad shaved his head for Finals in ’95. That’s sort of “going topless”…

When I think of topless drumcorps, *this* is my fantasy. Mmm… tasty.

But these two fine specimens are more of the reality than the fantasy.

And finally: bottomless drumcorps. Or pantsless, if you prefer.