Halloween, 2003

Haunted Shuttle Stop

Halloween that year was on a Friday night — and, as with all Friday nights, I was home alone, instead of out being social. I’d just started the Atkins Diet, so I wasn’t about to have bags of candy in the house to pass out to the trick-or-treaters. Plus, I knew from experience that trick-or-treaters actually didn’t come down our street very often.

As I remember it, the decision to go out and photograph was a spontaneous one. I was in an especially good mood as I affixed my trusty Minolta to my tripod and headed out to squeeze off a roll of Halloween pictures.

These are some of the better ones…

The Old General Store

The Old General Store

My first major project since getting my new scanner has been to digitize the photos from our honeymoon, back in May 2003. (The process went surprisingly smoothly, which bodes well for future scanning projects.)

This is where we stayed for a good part of our trip: Aaron’s grandmother’s house in Cummington, Massachusetts. The house had long since been parceled out into apartments, and Grammie kept one in reserve for herself, in case she had need to go visit her rental property. She graciously let us stay in her apartment for the week, using it as a home base of sorts.

As far as the honeymoon photos go, I still need to properly date and geotag them all… but that’s a follow-up project for another day.


One afternoon in early September 1999, shortly after we moved back into Kohl Hall for our third year as roommates, Amy and I discovered this interloper living just outside our window. We named her Lachesis, after one of the Fates (Clotho, the weaver; Lachesis, who measured the cloth; and Atropos, who cut the thread — rightfully, she should have been Clotho, but Lachesis just sounded cooler).

We and Lachesis lived in harmony for at least a week, until one morning she and her web had vanished. Amy and I maintain that she must have been power-washed off of our windowsill.

Sleepy Mei

I’ve gone entirely too long without posting a cute Mei pic. So, here you go: Mei looking all sleepy on the chair in the living room, sometime last month.

Family Portrait, Christmas 2004

Diana, Aaron, and Mei || Minolta X370s
Mei was unimpressed with the annual Christmas portrait experience, and refused to sit still until the self-timer would fire. Afterward, of course, she was content to lounge by the presents.

Diana, Aaron, and Mei || Minolta X370s
Here’s an alternate version, with some artsy color tricks. Nothing fancy, but it adds a little something different. Skin tones still aren’t quite right, but… *shrug* Artistic license? Sure…