First Bouquet of Spring, April 2013

Hyacinth Bouquet

[Taken 19 April 2013]

Planning to get through the barren days of winter by reliving my first Spring in my new home. These hyacinths (pink, purple, and grape) came up in April in the flower bed along the back of the house.

Next Spring, after they bloom and die back, I plan to transplant them to the front fence in an effort to further beautify the flower beds that actually face the road.



[Taken 21 April 2013]

Looking through the kitchen window into the back yard.

I may have to get myself some sort of birdwatching reference guide — I know I’ve seen robins and cardinals, and possibly sparrows, but beyond that, I’m not much of a birder. Yet.

Uncle Phil’s Overalls

In Uncle Phil's Overalls
[Taken 24 Oct 2012 |1/60 sec @ f/3.8 | ISO 200 | 22mm | bounce flash]

Grammy and Granddad sent Connor a box of vintage 80’s baby clothes that used to belong to Connor’s Uncle Phil. Baby fashion shows take a while, so we still have most of a box to try on, but the red corduroy overalls fit perfectly. (The shirt underneath, not so much.)

Almost Ready to Crawl

Almost Ready to Crawl
[Taken 19 June 2012 | 1/30sec @ f/3.5 | SB-600 flash, bounced | ISO 200]
Four days after this photo was taken, Connor figured out that whole crawling thing. Now he’s successfully getting into everything — mainly the cat’s toys.