Fickle Brain

So, for the past few days, I’ve been trying to get myself onto a decent evening schedule. Turn off the computer around 9:30pm, make tomorrow’s lunch, pick out tomorrow’s clothes, read for a while, and have lights out by 11pm. It’s worked pretty well, and I’ve been waking up more refreshed (if not always on time, as per usual).

Tonight, I’d like to stay up later, since I’m taking the day off work tomorrow. (We’re going to a Pietasters show in Cleveland tomorrow evening, and there’s NO WAY I’d be able to stay up for a late show if I went to work.) I spent my evening playing Wii — oh, by the way, Aaron bought a Wii this week! — and just realized that I missed my favorite TV show again. D’oh! At any rate, I thought that I could stay up a little later, do some websurfing (or something more productive), or maybe play some computer games now that I’m done with Wii Sports… but no. My brain is all, “OK, time to start shutting down for the night!”

Dammit. Why must you be catching onto this schedule thing so well?

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  1. our wii number is: 4223 8065 8010 5151. if you want a little diana and a little aaron and a little mark running around in your mii parade, that’s what number to plug in for us. 🙂

  2. yay i have little schnuuuuuuuuths in my plaza!

    …..what’s funny is that the little aaron is IDENTICAL to the one we created him up here 😀 i deleted your old Miis, but when they bounced in, Aaron landed right next to old!Aaron and it was funny.

    ….true story.