Open and Closed

A rare bird, this: a video blog post!

After this, Connor decided that he wanted to climb down the stairs after all. Since the basement isn’t a place where he’s generally allowed, I had my work cut out for me in keeping him interested only in the stairs (and not Daddy’s comics).

He’s not nearly as adept at climbing down as climbing up — and he’s not nearly as adept at climbing up when he’s getting slappy and tired. He bonked his nose climbing up near the end of the evening, and I had a bit of a time convincing him that he should climb up the rest of the way and get back on the proverbial horse.

(As an aside: I really have to work my pronunciation around my new braces. I hadn’t realized what that looks like. It’s a good thing I’m not any more self-conscious about having braces than I was about having bad teeth. There’s just a learning curve to working around the extra hardware.)

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