In Lieu of a Resolution

I decided that, this year, I wouldn’t even make a not-really-a-resolution.

This year, I’m making a project plan and setting small, achievable goals.

Q1 Organize Home Office
Create artbook of Connor’s daycare crafts
Find General Practitioner (Family Doctor)
Q2 Create book: Dear Connor: Year One
Update Genealogy Research; Upload to Personal Site
Q3 Create book: Dear Connor: Year Two
Complete Connor’s Baby Book: Add Photos and Writings
Q4 Create book: Dear Connor: Year Three
Weekly Post at least one photo to Flickr
Write at least 1000 words (blog or longhand journal)
Exercise at least 90 minutes
Post “Photo Friday” blog entry
Throughout 2014 Read 10 books I’ve never read before, starting with those Aaron has gifted me

I may come up with more goals for the latter part of 2014, but I think that’s plenty to get started with.

I like the fact that it’s more of a prioritization of big projects that I’ve been letting slide, and less of an “I’m going to do X thing every day” resolution that will quickly get broken. Honestly, I haven’t hit the mark on some of my weekly goals every week, but my plan is to have it all even out on a quarterly basis. I missed one Photo Friday, I haven’t been getting that 90 minutes of exercise in, and I was a little low on the word count one week — but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up. Instead, I’m overachieving in subsequent weeks so it all averages out.

I’m also receptive to a do-over, should it be warranted. Who’s to say that these goals will be reasonable and feasible come April? Maybe I’ll want to add different goals and replace ones that aren’t challenging or don’t really matter to me as much as I thought they would. And that’s OK.

I plan to check in quarterly and post my progress here — you know, because that’s how you do when you have a personal blog.

One thought on “In Lieu of a Resolution

  1. Note to self: Add “Relaunch professional website” to Q3. I haven’t touched it since 2007, and it’s painfully out of date. I have so many notes about what I’d like to do with my professional site, and I need to actually do some of those things.

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