Five-Day Weekend Ahead!

Aaron asked me a while back if I planned to take any time off from work this summer. I’d been taking a day here and there for gardening purposes, but I told him I didn’t really plan to take any contiguous time off, no.

Then I thought about it.

I could really use a break. Some time at home with my husband while our toddler is in daycare. Plus, of course, some more time in the flowerbeds in the mornings while my husband is still asleep (since he works nights).

It’s not really a vacation, or even a staycation — it’s more of a five-day weekend.

On the agenda:

  • Hitting up a big box store with the hubs to buy new ceiling fans (since the motor on Connor’s just died) and a new kitchen faucet (since ours has been leaking for months).
  • Thrifting and garage sales (hopefully).
  • Gardening stuff (of course).

If I get bored, I have a gigantically long to-do list, including (but not limited to) blog maintenance, scanning in my boy’s artwork from daycare, crunching some numbers from all the daily random crap I track (like sleep and weight and what project I’m working on at the moment), and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Or I could just kick back and play a video game with Aaron.

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