TBT: Celebrating 30 Years of McDonald’s

Me at age 9, having fun in a painter's cap

It was 1985. I know this not because of any actual label on the photo, but because 1985 was McDonald’s 30th anniversary.

We lived in Florida at the time, and my Mom was a breakfast manager at the local McDonald’s. The owner of that store, Carol (or was it Carole?), hosted a picnic at her house for all the employees (actually, it might have been managers and families only). They lived on a fairly large piece of property, with a lake, and you can tell it was a nice neighborhood (as opposed to the trailer park we lived in) because they actually have a greenish lawn. In Florida, in the SUMMER. (Again, I’m pretty sure it was summer. Might have been spring. No date on the photo.)

The hunk at the very right of the frame, waiting for the serve at the volleyball net, was my Mom’s boyfriend at the time, Bill. This may have been the very same summer I got my first blisters from sunburn, from riding back home from the beach in the back of Bill’s truck — nearly an hour’s drive.

At any rate, there aren’t very many pictures of me at this almost-awkward age, so this was a welcome surprise to find in the same loot as my prom dress and ballet recital costumes.

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